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Test of Dark City Roast - Vitamin Infused Dark Roast

Nutrition and Ingredients

Why Dark City Roast?
Three sources of essential nutrients - Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals -in Dark City Roast Coffee Pods.  That’s an amazing way to start your day!

B Vitamins (B1, B6, B9, B12) play many important roles in your body.  Most people don’t get the recommended amounts of B Vitamins through diet alone since they are found in a wide array of foods.  B Vitamins are water soluble meaning your body does not store them and they need to be resupplied each day.  The benefits of B Vitamins include boosting metabolism, Energy, Red and White Blood Cell Count (improved cardio), Neurological function and DNA production.  B Vitamins are super important to have in order to live and feel healthy.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body form and maintains connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels and skin.  Vitamin C helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protect against heart disease and aid in the absorption of iron.

Magnesium is a super mineral that plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body!  It promotes healthy bones, cardiovascular system, calcium absorption, heart health, and relieving anxiety.

Then there's 5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that your body naturally produces, but you can’t get from food.  Your body uses 5HTP to produce serotonin which has many benefits like:  Supports a balanced mood, aiding in weightless by increasing feeling of fullness,  promotes healthy sleep and lower anxiety.

Remember:  Dark City Roast Coffee pods feature the power of four nutrient types that you can’t get from food alone!

Why Are Vitamins So Important?
Vitamins are the building blocks we need that keep our body from falling apart.  Without Vitamins, our body and brain can’t perform any functions properly.

When you start your day with a healthy balance of essential nutrients your brain and body are able to operate at their optimal state.  This means that you can perform tasks to a greater degree of success when you are fully loaded with nutrients.

The truth is that we don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients from food alone which is why so many people take so many different supplements every day.  However we all know how easy it is to fall out of the routine of taking pills and powders in the morning when you’re in a rush.  Be sure to get all the nutrients you need so you have all the right “building blocks” to keep you energized.

How To Use
Want to start Enjoying the benefits of essential nutrients?

Here are a few ways to use Dark City Roast Coffee Pods:
-Replace your “regular” coffee pods with Dark City Roast for a healthy morning cup.
-Recreate your favourite coffee beverages like, Americano, Frapuccino, Mocha.
-Replace other supplements with this.
-Serve on ice for a refreshing drink
-Take one serving of Dark City Roast pre- or post-workout
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Test of Dark City Roast - Vitamin Infused Dark Roast

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So you Want to start enjoying the benefits of our coffee?

Here are a few steps to get most out of your Peaked Coffee Coffee Pods:
  1. Replace your “regular” coffee pods with Peaked Coffee for a healthy morning cup.
  2. Recreate your favorite coffee beverages like Americano, Frapuccino, Mocha. -Replace other supplements with this.
  3. Serve on ice for a refreshing drink Take one serving of Peaked Coffee pre- or post-workout.

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