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Our story

In order to keep a healthier and happier mind, body, and spirit there are a few things you need:

A good source of natural energy to keep you going. Nutrients to keep your mind and body working at their top performance levels. And a strong confidence that you look as good as you feel.

Welcome to Peaked Coffee. Boy are we glad you’re here!
You see, every day millions of people all over the world wake up, grab a cup of coffee and bask in the natural energy that it gives them to start their day.

But little do they realize that what you put in your body can have a massive effect on how you feel later, just as much as how it makes you feel in the moment.

This is why we at Peaked Coffee made it our business to provide you with the push you need from a coffee you can enjoy and trust. While also adding the vitamins and nutrients you need to prevent the negative effects caused by normal coffee brands.

Coffee and it’s high caffeine content causes your body to dehydrate, which can leave your skin looking thin and aid in the development if wrinkles (Yuck!) This is why it’s so important to us that we offer you a simplified skincare solution that can have a real impact on your life and your looks.

Packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep you focused and energetic for longer than any standard coffee blend; and without the unwanted crash.

And it’s as easy as doing what you’ve always done and drinking a cup of your favorite coffee. Our customized blends focus on quality nutrients that are known to enhance your skin from the inside out so that your skin can glow!

We knew there was a better way to get you the boost that you needed without all the bad stuff you don’t. So we created Peaked Coffee. To keep you at the peak of your health and focus!

We have been a well established coffee business since fall of 2018. And have since formulated the perfect blends of quality South American sourced coffee beans, with scientifically researched nutrients.

All natural, GMO free, vegan friendly ingredients to make sure you’re getting the best the earth has to offer. Ensuring that what you’re drinking is what your mind, body, and taste buds deserve!

We didn’t set out to recreate skin care, we just make it easier for you to enjoy and benefit from it!

Peaked Coffee has helped thousands of people just like you upgrade their skincare routine by just encouraging a healthier cup of premium coffee that you can brew in the comfort of your own home.

We aim to empower you by fortifying your skincare and increasing the natural energy and focus you get from the coffee you choose to drink. So reach your peak, and let’s kick today’s butt together!

We are located in Vancouver, Canada and currently ship to 34 countries and growing.