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What does Peaked Stand for?

Peaked stands for Peaked, which is our company name.   

Does hot water make vitamins less potent?

No!  Vitamins and Aminos are resilient.  Using a standard single-serve brewing process will not impact the potency of the vitamins in any way.  The vitamin content can change if it is repeatedly heated up. 

What machines can I use the pods in?

-Almost any keurig compatible machine made in the last 5 years.  Anything that is considered a 2.0 model fits this pod type.  

What are Nootropics?  Are Nootropics safe? 

Nootropics are a name given to Amino Acids that are known to boost cognitive ability.  Nootropics are considered safe,  as long as you stay within the recommended guidelines for use.  

Can I drink Peaked Coffee on an empty stomach?

It is generally recommended to have something in your stomach before consuming either vitamins or coffee individually, however this differs greatly from person to person based on body weight and mass. 

Can I buy it at my grocery store?

We are currently available online only.  

How should I store my Peaked Coffee pods and grounds?

We recommend you store your pods away from the sun at room temperature. 

How many cups can I drink per day? 

3 cups per day is a safe amount considering there are a significant dose of daily vitamins contained in each pod. 

What are the benefits of Peaked Coffee?

There are multiple benefits such as improved cognitive ability, protection of skin and regeneration of new cells, heart maintenance, circulation and increased metabolism. 

Can I have Peaked Coffee when Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Although all of the added health ingredients are high quality and safe, we recommend you speak with your doctor or physician before taking supplements and caffeine while pregnant or breastfeeding  

Do you have wholesale pricing?

We have many different programs in place to suit our customers requirements.  Send us a message to and let us know what you’re looking for. 

Do you have a program for Influencers and Ambassadors ?

Yes.  We are always open to new opportunities.  Message us at to start the conversation.