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Using Peaked Coffee as a pre-workout drink


I work hard and I play hard. I work long hours. I give it my all. To keep myself looking and feeling great, I work out. A lot. Sometimes I go in the morning before work. Sometimes I go in the evening after work. Sometimes both. I run a little. But mostly I lift. To keep myself going, I drink a lot of coffee.

I used to have a couple of espressos in the morning. Then I would have another mid-morning. And then a couple more during and after lunch. After working out, I drink juice, water, and a protein shake. The problem with that is the same issue lots of people face in the gym. You have to know your limits. Take advice. Ask questions. Don’t try to be a hero.

If I have too much, I start feeling stressed and a bit angry. I know that you’re only supposed to drink about three cups of coffee per day. But it’s difficult to keep that locked down when the pressure is on. And if I want to go for my goals, I have to count macros. It’s hard to keep all of that under control.

I spent a long time looking for something that combined caffeine with the other ingredients I might find in a pre- or post-workout drink. I’ve been through many different products. Some of them taste OK. Some of them taste horrible. Some of them have weird side-effects. Some of them are no good for my digestion. During my search, I came across Peaked Coffee.

My body is my temple.I know what I put in and I know which products I need to buy to find them. That’s why Peaked was so surprising.  Magnesium, vitamin C, B9, what more could I ask for? That’s why I was so happy to find some of the other ingredients packed into this stuff. I didn’t know you could put L-Theanine and Alpha GPC in coffee.

L-Taurine is necessary for promoting and sustaining my energy levels. It keeps me going that little bit longer. I can push that little bit harder. Go for that extra weight. And the scientific proof is all there: it makes me feel more alert so I work smarter in the office and the gym. This is very important for me. I’m not just very active. I take active pride in my performance in and out of the office. Alpha GPC is what professional athletes use to enhance their power. I never thought I would be able to get it by drinking the very same coffee I have while I’m at work, since it gives support to cellular membranes.

So I cut down on the amount of coffee I was drinking. I replaced coffee from Starbucks on the way to work with Peaked from the Keurig machine in the office. I was sensible about it. I drink them at structured intervals according to my own strict plan. I felt the difference very quickly. Instead of having an espresso in the morning, I have a pod of Dark City Roast. For my mid-morning fix, I go for Smart Coffee. I cut out the coffee during lunch altogether, and go for Morning Sunshine during the late afternoon so I get that boost before hitting the gym.

I can’t believe the difference it has made. I feel more alert. Stronger in spirit. Stronger in mind. Stronger in my body. More powerful. I’m not going back to my old way. Peaked coffee now forms a vital part of my daily routine. It’s not a replacement for supplements. But it does that little bit of extra work to tip me over the edge.

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