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Thinking Sharper with Peaked: how just one cup of Peaked coffee a morning helped my eldest in school


I used to think “My eldest is smart, but boy is he lazy: L-A-Z-Y, he ain’t got no alibi!” He knew this, but it took him a long time to do anything about it.

When he was younger, his abilities were through the roof. Reading by himself at 3, writing came a little later, but he would always surprise grown-ups with how clever he was. Even when we went into the store, he would read all the names of all the products. It was so sweet! He was like that girl in the film Matilda!

But the moment he started school, he would get amazing grades, but only if he felt like putting in the effort. If he didn’t feel like it, he’d do the bare minimum to get something done, and by the time he was in Junior High, he sometimes wouldn’t do his homework at all. His teachers would complain at Parent-Teacher Conferences, and we started to worry about what he would be like when he got a little older, or, worse what kind of adult we were raising.

He would much rather spend time hanging out with his friends at the coffee shop than committing himself to his studies, and he never knew when to stop. Sure, we had no problem with him spending home with his friends. We’ve always taken the attitude that school is about teaching future adults how to socialise, but we were worried that he was taking things a little far. He’d drink several cups of coffee a day and get hyperactive and jittery and then irritable when the feeling wore off.

But then, one day, my husband came across Peaked Coffee after hearing that it had all sorts of ingredients that can help boost the brain. Obviously, I knew all about the benefits of vitamins and aminos, but I had no idea they could be infused into a cup of coffee. We thought it might be just the thing for a growing mind, especially since he was so into coffee in the first place, and boy the difference has been incredible!

Every morning, we sit around the breakfast table drinking a cup of Morning Sunshine, and it turns out to have been a total game-changer. Obviously, we monitor how much coffee he drinks—no more than the three recommended cups per day—but we give him a flask with some coffee in it before he goes to school.

We wouldn’t want to take his favourite drink away from him. It would be crazy to make him go ‘cold turkey’, and the system is definitely working. He’s way more focused, he’s almost never moody—of course, teenagers will be teenagers and we can’t help that—and it’s paying off in school.

He says he feels so much more energy throughout the day, and he doesn’t feel himself getting distracted in class anymore. His grades have improved across the board, and he’s not only feeling the benefits in his own mind, but in his body, too. The boost in energy encouraged him to take up sports, and he’s already starting to talk about applying to Ivy League Schools. We’ve always encouraged our kids to take personal responsibility for their actions, but we never expected his attitude would improve like this.

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