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Keeping Your Cholesterol Low with Peaked Coffee


When my husband found out that he was suffering from high cholesterol, I knew he had to make a change. But I knew he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Like many instances in our marriage, the only way to get him to do something was if we both did it together.

I really had to put my foot down: less sugar, fat, meat, chips, fries. He wasn’t happy. He kept calling it the ‘no fun’ diet.

One thing I didn’t think about was changing how much coffee we wes drinking. We’ve worked hard to get where we are in life, working long hours. That means we’ve always drunk too much coffee—more than the recommended three cups a day, with lots of frothy milk, often sweetened with too much sugar. If you’re workdays are sedentary, that’s really bad for your health, but we both realised it way too late.

Since there was no way we were going to cut coffee out of our diet altogether, I realised that we would have to keep it, but make a change in what sort of coffee we were drinking and how much we had of it. That’s where Peaked Coffee came in. It tastes great, comes in three varieties, and the pods are fully compatible in our Keurig machine. It meant we didn’t have to go out and buy another one—and trying to find a machine that matches our new kitchen would be hard work in itself.

Plus, the most important part. There’s so much good stuff in this coffee—sixteen vitamins, minerals, magnesium—that it forms a vital part of our new diet. All that good stuff improves the functioning of the heart. That means great cardiovascular health in general: no more stiffness in the old arteries, better blood circulation, and no more varicose veins.

These days, the ‘no fun’ diet includes plenty of fun. We wake up in the morning and have a cup of Smart Coffee straight from the filter machine. It’s mellow, crisp, tangy—not too sharp and not too strong. Then we go for a run together. Obviously, we’ve been doing this for a little while now, so we’ve gotten used to the feeling. We used to only be able to do a couple of turns around the block before returning home exhausted, but now we can go for miles and miles. We tried doing this before we changed up our lifestyle, but this difference is incredible!

Plus, there’s an ingredient in Peaked Coffee that I’d never heard of before that seems to have made all the difference. It’s called L-Theanine. Apparently, it’s the sort of thing that is usually found in tea. But when it’s infused in our morning cup of coffee, we’ve found that it boosts our concentration and focus. That’s very important for us. And because Peaked coffee combines L-Theanine with vitamins B6, B9, and B12—just the sort of thing needed to maintain a healthy heart—we’ve noticed a substantial improvement in how we feel on the inside: emotionally, spiritually, bodily.

We might be nearing the end of our careers, but we have a lot of responsibility and need to be on top of our game as much as possible for as long as possible. That’s because, by taking the edge off the boost you get from the caffeine, it ends up having a calming effect. So when we go out for our run in the morning, we don’t overdo it with an exaggerated burst of effort, and by mid-afternoon we done get that strange fatigue we used to get when we were drinking other kinds of coffee. I’m not going back to our old ways, and, as my mother used to say, I’m “sure as sandy” he’s not going to either!

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