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How I changed up my morning routine with Peaked coffee


Everyone knows mornings can be a drag. That’s why coffee was invented! Coffee has always been central to my routine. I wake up in the morning, make coffee for my wife and two eldest kids, and we have breakfast together: short and black for me, frothy for her, milk and two sugars for the girls (I tell them to look after their teeth, but what can you do?)

And I’ve bought a lot of different types of coffee beans from all over the world (from New York to France to Vienna, Austria). And I’ve bought all sorts of gadgets and gizmos over the years—steam-powered espresso machines, French presses, filter-coffee machines, coffee-pod machines. You name it, the list is endless.

That’s not to say things were perfect. Far from it. We all know what happens when you have too many cups of coffee. You get the jitters so you can’t concentrate on anything. You feel irritable and snap at people for no reason. And then you suffer that dreaded mid-afternoon wooziness that stops you right in your tracks. I know that’s what used to happen to me, especially if I had another cup at lunchtime. I’m a big guy, so I thought I could handle a fourth or fifth cup, but it’s just no good for me anymore.

That’s why discovering Peaked was so miraculous. It’s like getting all the benefits I would usually get from a cup of coffee—the sense of general well-being that comes from the burst of energy, the feeling of family unity around the breakfast table—with none of the down-sides. It doesn’t look, smell, or taste any different, and yet I feel very different about myself simply because it’s cut out all the nasty stuff.

So, these days, I can wake up and already feel refreshed with the smell of roasted coffee as it drips into the cup, make coffee from everyone else, and just get on with my day. Without the jitters and irritability, my thinking is sharper, and it stops me from making rash decisions when the pressure is on.

It’s also super helpful that there are different versions of the pods to choose from, which you can mix and match as you please. Personally, and if I have the time in the morning, I like to start my day with Smart Coffee. That way, I get to perform that little ritual of setting up the filter coffee machine, hearing the water gurgle, and breathing in that beautiful smell.

But if I’m pressed for time, or still feeling a little bit tired after working late or attending an event in the evenings, I go for Dark City Roast. It might be an upgrade in strength, but it tastes and feels no different, and I’m just really into the convenience of putting a pod in the machine, pressing the button, and doing something else while it pours itself.

Then, when I’m at work, I’ll have a cup of Morning Sunshine in the afternoon. Sure, it says ‘morning’ on the package, but sometimes it’s good to bend the rules! I’ve found it’s a really good post-lunch pick-me-up. That way, I get a short sharp boost of energy without overdoing it.

However, if we have a big meeting and I need the team to get the ideas flowing, I switch back to the Smart Coffee so we can all share the benefits from the French Press. And that’s another one of Peaked's benefits: because I can get the goods delivered straight to the office, I’ve invested in a couple of coffee-pod machines there, too. There’s one in the staff kitchen, another in my office in case I have a meeting, and another in the main meeting room. It’s just so convenient!

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